Stay Safe



Following the indications governed by the security traffic light implemented by the Government of Guatemala to control contagions and according to this, some of our services may be restricted.


It is our commitment to take care of our guests

1. Suites and apartments are 100% desinfected.

- Due to safety reasons, all rooms remain unoccupied for one day after check-out, following this period they are cleaned and can be used by another Guest.

- The room´s cleaning is methodical, after check-out each space is properly disinfected with specific products, using equipment such as quaternary ammonium sprayers and ozone generators.

- We have removed all the fabric items that cannot be washed periodically such as rugs and cushions, as well as all paper items that cannot be sanitized: menus, magazines, etc.

- The air conditioning filters are cleaned and disinfected after each check-out.

- After cleaning and disinfection, the room is sealed so that no one can enter. Each guest will find the room sealed and the seal must be removed to have access.


2. The beds are clean and desinfected for each new guests.

- The pillows and mattresses are disinfected after each check-out.

- The linens (sheets, duvets and towels are changed for each client), professionally cleaned and disinfected at high-heat temperature and with suitable detergent products.

- Sheets are periodically changed during each stay, packed and sealed from the laundry to avoid contact.The entire staff is aware of the importance of fighting the virus and keeping everything clean and desinfected.


3. In addition to general cleaning, common areas are periodically desinfected.

- The entrance and reception are disinfected daily with quaternary ammonium.

- The hotel facilities are disinfected weekly with powerful anti-viruses and bactericides.

- The elevators are cleaned and disinfected three times a day with quaternary ammonium.


4. We keep the building well ventilated

- We prefer that the hotel be kept ventilated with fresh air; therefore the air conditioning equipment in the common areas has been disconnected.

- We recommend that guests keep fresh-air circulation in their rooms, preferably before using the air conditioning.


5. Access to the hotel is permitted only for guests and their visitors.

- The body temperature is checked and access is denied to people with fever.

- There is dry-disinfection of footwear in all the entrances, as well as hydro-alcoholic gel.

- Couriers or delivery staff cannot enter the building. Their dispatches are received in a security checkpoint to later be disinfected.

- The luggage is disinfected before entering the facilities.

- The rules of social distancing are duly displayed at the entrances.


6. The hotel's restaurant remains temporarily closed.

- We encourage our guests to use their kitchenettes to prepare or heat their food.

- Guests can order delivery-food and it will be received at the gate for pick up.We are prepared for any unexpected event.


7. We reserve the right of admission.